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Mediterranea Maceri Srl operates in the field of waste recovery and recycling, effectively contributing to the reduction of landfill and thus re-utilizing recovered materials in the form of raw material of second life.

The main sectors of recycling are those of Paper and Cardboard and Plastic Packaging.

The company also deals with other non-hazardous waste such as metals and wood, as well as trade and brokering of any other type of waste.

Mediterranea Maceri has an establishment at the Catania Industrial Zone with an area of ​​60,000 sqm equipped as a recovery and treatment facility for waste.


The advantages of paper recycling are both economical and environmentally-friendly, in fact recycling the paper we need to consume wood to extract cellulose, thus avoiding deforestation and safeguarding the ecosystem.

Moreover, on a more economically viable scale, reuse of paper leads to considerable savings in landfill disposal costs, it is enough to think that cellulosic materials account for between 25 and 30% of urban solid waste, and that share is increasing.

Recycled paper also leads to a substantial reduction in electrical consumption (up to 80%) and water (up to 50%) compared to the traditional fabrication process with virgin cellulose.

The same applies to the recycling of Plastics and other reusable materials



Paper, cardboard and cardboard coming from separate collection and machining scrap make up paper.

Paper scraps (made up of paper, cardboard and cardboard packaging, as well as newspapers, magazines, brochures, books, paper archives and correspondence) are often subjected to a selection process to make it better use for paper mills. Selection The selection process takes place in the "selection platforms", where impurities (plastics, metal pins, etc.) are removed, sorting materials and pressing macerates.

The selected materials, pressed into large bales, are entrusted to the paper mills for subsequent machining.